BR Times

Train Times & Station Platform Finder

This is an independent website that offers a flexible approach to journey planning for expert users—the information available includes:

  • Departure and arrivals boards for all British rail stations
  • Scheduled platforms, where available
  • Full schedule details for every passenger train on the National Rail network
  • Connection times and non-rail links between stations

The aim of the site is to provide an alternative to conventional journey planners, by enabling intending passengers to make their own judgement on appropriate and achievable itineraries and connections.

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Arrivals Boards
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Information is updated nightly from data feeds provided by Network Rail, except for details of station connection times, train schedules for Ireland (North & South) and some bus and ferry schedules, which are updated weekly from data feeds provided by ATOC. Future plans include the addition of real-time updates and historical information on actual train arrival and departure times. Comments and queries are welcome: